The #gaanguide To San Francisco


San Francisco. Voted the most romantic city in the US, this popular travel destination has so much to offer; culture, history, eclectic dining and panoramic views sure to make your heart skip a beat. We’ve put together a two-day itinerary designed to get you on your feet, away from the tourists and immersed in some of the best the city has to offer. Whether you're a local resident or an international traveler, these adventures in the city by the bay will not disappoint. Traveling solo, with friends, or lovers, here's our gaan guide to your California dream come true in two memorable days!

san francisco, california, golden gate bridge DAY ONE:

Time to stroll San Francisco like a local, so put on your most comfortable walking shoes and fill up your YETI, we’re hitting the pavement. This itinerary is for the ultimate trailblazer who wants to take to the streets by foot and experience SF's neighborhood culture first hand (and don't worry, SF offers one of the most easy-to-use public transit systems in the country if you fancy a bus-ride short-cut here or there). This itinerary will keep you out for most of the day so pack up the necessities and don’t forget your gaan.


Let’s start off with the most important meal of the day. BRUNCH! Fuel up at Plow. Owned by a husband and wife duo Joel Bleskacek and Maxine Siu, Plow is known for cranking out healthy, no-fuss brunch options (our favorite is the Housemade Granola, and make sure you try a pickled egg! ) with a Midwest meets California spin. We think they’re extra special because all ingredients are sourced from regional California farmers and purveyors. Sustainable, and extremely satisfying. So eat up! You’re going to need your energy today.


After you’ve cleaned your plates, make your way Southwest towards the Mission District [~1 mile walk from Plow]. If you love street art, then you’ll love walking through the streets and buildings covered in amazing, bright-colored murals; you can also take an interesting tour led by the Precita Eyes Mural Arts Association. Plenty of photo ops for you and your crew!


Time for a quick snack? We've got the perfect pit-stop, rich in SF history to satisfy you're sweet tooth. Most people think that Fortune Cookies were imported from China, but they’re wrong! Fortune Cookies were born in San Francisco’s Chinatown many years ago, and one of the first factories is still cranking them out in a variety of flavors. You'll probably smell it before even seeing it: the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory [3.8 mile walk from Precita Eyes Mural Arts Association] is tucked away in Chinatown’s Ross Alley, and that unforgettable aroma lingers all around the block. So go pick yourself up one...or twelve. Just don't eat too many before this next gaan guide reco - we don't want you to toss your cookies (literally).

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A 20-minute walk away is Seward Mini Park [2.5 miles from Golden Gate Fortune Cookie]. This playground is designed for adults and children alike and the enormous slides will undoubtedly bring out the kid in all of us. Is your adrenaline pumping yet? Good, that was our plan.


Next up is the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps [2.8 miles from Seward Mini Park] - exercise and street art - combined! It’s a flight of 163 mosaic stairs leading from 16th Avenue halfway up to Grandview Park. You'll feel accomplished and a little bit sweaty (don't forget your gaan body deodorizing wipe!) by the time you hit the top, but the view will be your ultimate reward. Quad’s aching yet?


Afterwards, skip the reservations, head back to the Mission District and grab "The Carnitas burrito" at La Taquería [3 mile walk from 16th Avenue Tiled Steps] - voted BEST BURRITO in the country by the Daily Meal & Eater SF. Trust us, you've earned it - you walked over 13 miles today! And if you caught a bus or grabbed a rideshare here and there, no judgment. You’re still a winner in our book. Feel free to linger around the Mission for some of the best nightlife the city has to offer if you've got the energy. gaan body deodorizing wipes in toe to keep you refreshed for a fun night out!



Looking for the perfect mix of adventure and romance? Or maybe just feel like getting off the beaten path? Good, us too. You saw the best of SF-proper yesterday, so let's head to Tiburon for our day two adventure.


The charming village town feels a world away from the chaos of the city and can be reached by bus or beautiful bike ride. During the day, Angel Island State Park, located in the San Francisco Bay, is a quick 10-minute ferry trip from the shores of Tiburon on the Angel Island-Tiburon Ferry.


Hike or bike the island with Angel Island Company. Didn’t bring your bike? No problem. They’ll hook you up with all the gear you need and will help you reach parts of the island that you wouldn’t normally be able to see without the help of a park pro. We love an uncharted adventure!


We’re all about the activity, but this is also a great spot to take some time to chill. So post bike/hike, we recommend setting up a picnic, laying on the beach and taking in the unforgettable views. Snap a pic or two, and then maybe turn off your phone and be present. Many Tiburon locals practice yoga and meditation on the island, as it’s tranquil scenery makes for the perfect setting to truly unwind. Who doesn’t love a little zen here and there?

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Make sure you stick around for sunset. It’s one for the books. Tiburon is framed by the Golden Gate bridge and topped off by Mt. Tamalpais; locals boast that it's the most beautiful spot in the Bay area for a sunset date night. Check out a gaan favorite, Italian brasserie Luna Blu, voted one of 100 Neighborhood Gem Restaurants in America. Delizioso!


We hope this gaan guide keeps you and your beloved adventure companions’ active, well fed and feeling like a San Francisco treat in 48 hours. Let's Adventure Together!

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Written by Rachel Levy