October g+c Product Picks

Fall into some of our favorite products this October! 

Spices from Firehouse Spice Company [prices vary, firehousespiceco.com]


Firehouse is a Bahamian company that crafts pepper seasonings, spices, and marinades designed to add a kick to any traditional dish. We love to use it as part of our spice blend for tailgate chili, and as rubs for chicken, meat and veggies prior to grilling. Based in New Providence, everything about Firehouse is authentic to Bahamian culture. These guys have been turning up the heat, if you will, since they launched in November 2012 with all natural, locally grown & sourced ingredients, manufactured onsite. As demand has grown across the islands, and all over the world, you can now order any of their spices, pepper blends and sauces right to your door.

Hitch Phone Tripod / GoPro Mount [$14.99, Amazon]

 tripod, gopro, photos

Hands free photo or video ops are the perfect way to capture memories and adventures – and to make sure you’re in them with your fellow travelers. We love the Hitch tripod because it’s compact and super lightweight at less than 1 pound, so taking it with you to travel, to a friend’s for a celebration, or even to capture your afternoon hike is a no-brainer. You take the pics with a Bluetooth-connected remote and the tripod adapts for every kind of phone, GoPro and even regular camera. Set-up takes less than 60 seconds – so you really have no more excuses when mom asks why you aren’t in any of the photos!

Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Vest [$39.90, uniqlo.com]

 vest, puffer, uniqulo

The weather in the fall can be unpredictable, often with 30-degree up and downswings between heading out of the house in the morning to that afternoon walk.  This is why we love Uniquo’s Ultra Light Down Vest as a transitional piece that provides just enough warmth and wind protection for a cool fall day, but won’t leave you sweating profusely. It comes in some awesome earth-tone colors and for less than $40.00 – you’ll definitely get your money’s worth! 

Bomba’s High Performance Socks [prices vary, bombas.com]

bombas, socks

Did you know that good quality socks are just as important as your shoes when taking on any form of outdoor adventure? Whether you’re running, hiking, skiing, or playing a group sport, you should have high-quality socks that fit and are designed to wear through high-intensity activity. The guys at Bombas have mastered the art of the sock – and their versatile product line covers endurance activities, winter activities and every day comfort. We’re also loving their new “no show” socks that are perfect for wearing from Friday's happy hour through Sunday's big game. And for every purchase, they donate a pair of socks to a homeless person – the number one requested item in homeless shelters nationwide. So far, they’ve donated over 25 million pairs. So treat your feet, and someone else’s as well!


Monoline Triangles Throw Blanket [$98.00, newly.com]

blanket, recycle

Everyone needs a chic, soft throw blanket to welcome the cooler months. We love the design of this Monoline Triangles blanket from Newly, a procurer of responsibly sourced and created home goods products. This blanket is super cozy, and would be endorsed by mother earth herself as it’s made from 100% recycled materials – 51% recycled cotton garments and 49% recycled plastic bottles to be exact.  To break that down for you, each blanket uses 12 liter plastic bottles, and the manufacturing process is eco-friendly as well. Newly uses no chemicals or CO2 to produce their goods and saves 2250 gallons of water per blanket made. So stay warm, and stay environmentally responsible at the same time.


Super Tailgate Plate [$9.99 for four, supertailgateplate.com]

tailgate, plate, football

You know what’s hard? Cheering on your favorite team while holding your very full tailgate plate of food in one hand, and your beverage of choice in the other. It’s a choice of bbq sauce on the ground, or a beer in your friend’s face if the game heats up. We love making life easier, and so do the creators of the Super Tailgate Plate. These plates are made the USA, fully reusable and recyclable, and allow those uncontrollable arm flails when the QB completes the pass with 3 seconds left in the half – all while holding your entire meal. The plate has compartments for all the dips and sauces you could ever want, plus a center coozie for your drink!

*At gaan + co. we look for products that align with our values - brands that are environmentally conscious, sustainable, fun and complimentary to any adventure. And, we love to support small, female-founded enterprises. We are not compensated for endorsing our product picks – but we sure do love ‘em!


- Written by Rachel Levy