Not Your Typical Valentine's Day

Bon Bons and Red Roses? Thanks, but no thanks. Here at gaan + co, we like to think outside the box, and we've got some unconventional ideas to help take your Valentine’s Day to the next level. Because love should be the ultimate adventure, right? So whether you’ll be flying solo, hanging with the gals or making a day of it with that special someone, here's some fun ways to turn this V-Day into one worthy of all the heart emojis. Love is love.

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Indulge in an extreme adventure.

February 14. Sounds like the perfect day for a thrill. Plan something exciting and completely unexpected that will make your stomach flip and your gf/bf/bff say holy s*it! Skydiving, Tandem Hang-gliding, Axe-throwing and race-car driving, oh my! Nothing says “forever” like jumping out of a plane together, right? For some inspiration, check out Cloud 9 Living or your local Outdoor Sky Dive center if you’re in a weather-permitting area. And no excuses for you urbanites! iFLY Indoor Skydiving Centers have popped up in over 40 locations all over the world. With easy access to any of these extreme activities, you’ll be feeling the love when you check one off your bucket list!


Throw a house party.

Inclusivity is the key to any healthy relationship, right? So why couple up this V-Day when you can include all the people you love in a fun-filled, themed out V-Day party. No significant other you say? Well we say all the better, and the more the merrier. This plan is great for seasoned and new relationships, and single folks alike. A house party is an affordable (did we already mention it’s BYOB?) and light-hearted (pun intended) way to take some of the pressure off Valentine’s Day and gather your entire crew for games, appetizers and maybe a Rom-Com rolling in the background. Hang some tacky decorations and make a photo booth (we told you those heart-shaped sunglasses would come in handy)…it’s time to spread the love and party.



You know who needs love? Everyone. Every animal. Every plant and living thing. Pick out an organization that matters to you and your significant other, a gal-pal or sibling and spend your Valentine’s Day paying it forward. Many animal rescues, children’s hospitals and shelters for victims of domestic violence host special events and fundraisers for Valentine’s Day. Get your hands dirty in a community garden or play basketball with a youth group at the YMCA. The opportunities are endless, and no matter where you end up, you’ll feel warm and fuzzy and will connect with those you bring along for the day without spending a dime. Just goes to show that love don’t cost a thing!


Make a Meal.

Cruise the recent issues of Food & Wine, Saveur or scan the video archive from your favorite Tastemade chef. Pick one of those mouth-watering recipes that you’ve been eyeing, but have been too intimidated to try. Today’s the day to go for it. Take a V-Day grocery trip with your cooking companion(s) and get every last ingredient for your award-winning entrée. Don’t skimp (again, the theme here is treat yourself and those you love). Pour yourself a glass of wine or two, prep the ingredients to some fun music and viola! You’re a chef. More importantly, when people try new things with friends and love ones, it builds connections and memories that last far beyond a meal. Even if the flank steak turns out like rubber (which it won’t because remember, you’re a chef now), you’ll have taken the time to do something really nice for yourself. Bon appetit’!


No matter which of these non-traditional V-Day plans you take part in, don’t forget your gaan+co wipes because if there’s one thing that V-Day isn’t about, it’s body odor. We know you hear that!


Written by Rachel Levy