Not Your Typical Spring Break

After months of cold days, dark afternoons and a polar vortex that covered the nation, Spring has finally arrived. And we couldn’t be more excited. Spring marks the beginning of warmer weather, longer daylight hours, the blooming of flowers and the budding of leaves. And for some, the glimpses of warmer weather also brings Spring Break. Some people choose to hop on a plane and head to popular travel destinations (don’t forget to pack that gaan + co you crazy kids!). But spending Spring Break close to home can be just as [insert your desired adjective here: relaxing, entertaining or our personal favorite…adventurous!]. Here are some of our favorite ideas to break-away from the norm and make the most out of your Spring Break at home sweet home.


Spring is prime time for planting, especially if you can enjoy the fruits of your labor after just 6-8 weeks of TLC. We’re big fans of herb gardens (they can grow just about anywhere, and let’s be honest, fresh basil makes everything better). If you’re lucky enough to have a patch of dirt (or a friend who doesn’t mind lending you theirs), why not earn your green thumb and plant your own vegetable garden? There’s the DIY route, as your local Home Depot & Lowes are all stocked with soils, seeds and a wide variety of starter plants to get you going. Another option for those who want a little more guidance comes from Portland-based company Grow & Make. Their veggie garden starter kit is just $21.95, and arrives at your door in just 2 days (thank you Amazon prime!). It comes with everything you need to grow that farmers market-worthy crop this summer.  We’re talking beets, chard, green onions, Washington cherry tomatoes, and jalapeño. Um, did someone say gourmet guacamole? We thought so…

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Break away for the day

Calling all city-dwellers! You love living amidst the hustle and bustle of your respective metro area. But sometimes you dream of meadows and streams and wild animals besides pigeons and the creatures lurking in your alleyway. Yep, us too. Sounds like you’re up for a spontaneous one-day trip! And here’s some good news: no matter your city, there’s a gorgeous destination only 1-2 hours away where you’ll get fresh air, and a much-needed change of scenery. We did our homework, so here’s a list to get your wheels spinning.

Some ideas across the US:

  • New Yorkers, check out Tarrytown, Sleepy Hollow or Mohonk Preserve, which is are about 90 minutes outside the city.
  • Chicagoans have their picks of Starved Rock State Park, Indiana Dune State Park and Kohler State Park just over the Wisconsin border.
  • DC-er’s, head to Middleburg, Virginia or Shenandoah National Park, just 75 minutes from the city.
  • And Californians have no shortage of options. L.A. folks can truly unplug and admire the wonder that is Joshua Tree, while San Diegoans can head to Carlsbad State Beach to escape the high-rises. San Francisco to Half Moon Bay is only a 50-minute trip, but you’ll feel like you’re in another world.

So make a playlist, pack a backpack with snacks and daytime necessities (gaan + co FTW!). That’s really all you need. If you embrace your adventurous side and break out Google maps, we trust you’ll land somewhere serene and memorable for your Spring break-away day.


Foster a Furry Friend for the Week

Love animals but don’t have the time or resources to have a pet of your own? That doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy Spring Break with a new companion. Many animal rescues look for short term foster homes for dogs & cats over popular holiday times when they may experience a shortage of staff and volunteers. Or pay it forward. You know that friend who helped you change your tire three times this Winter (let’s be honest, it was technically 4 times)? Well, he’s heading out West to ski and you’re the perfect person to shower his pup with some love. Plus, dogs are a great excuse to get out for the day and be a tourist in your own town, or maybe the perfect companion for your first jog of the Spring. You’ll feel good about yourself and you’ll give that furry friend a Spring Break they’ll never forget.


Adventures don’t require planes, (or even trains or automobiles) but as temperatures rise, don’t forget your gaan + co deo wipes to keep you feeling fresh. That’s the only requirement this Spring!


- Written by Rachel Levy