Not Your Typical Memorial Day

The days are getting longer and we’re all anxiously looking forward to that special weekend in May that doubles as a patriotic tribute to those that have served our country, and the unofficial start of summer. You’ve got a long-awaited three-day-weekend ahead of you, and we’ve got some adventurous ideas and fun twists for your Memorial Day festivities that will have you proudly representing the red, white and blue!


Heeeyyy Batter Batter Batter!

 While Memorial Day weekend is well into the MLB baseball season, it also happens to be the weekend with the most games of the year nationwide. There are 50 games happening around the country between Friday, May 24th and Monday, May 27th, and there’s no better ode’ to America than a day at the ballpark. You can find the full schedule here and we’re crossing our fingers that there’s a stadium near you. So, take yourself out to the ballgame and cheer on your team with some family or friends visiting for the long weekend. At minimum, head to a sunny patio with a TV and pretend you’re in the stands! Just don’t let body odor sneak in from left field - enjoy those peanuts and cracker jacks with gaan + co deodorant wipes – the easiest way to freshen up during the seventh inning stretch.

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Elevate your Grill Game!

 Burgers and hot dogs and corn, oh my! Sure, nothing says Memorial Day like those barbeque staples, but why not kick it up a notch? A few tweaks, and a pinch of adventure will turn a typical Memorial Day barbecue into one for the books. Throwing a head of lettuce on the grill is a total game changer when it comes the base of a salad. Grab some romaine hearts, dress with olive oil, salt & pepper and grill on each side until the edges are a crispy golden brown. Sprinkle with Parmesan, breadcrumbs, a little lemon juice & chili flakes and you’ve got yourself a grilled Caesar salad. Make sure you’ve prepared enough for second helpings!

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Licking of your screen encouraged 


Next up, why not try grilling a few pizzas? Reinvent BBQ chicken by grabbing yourself some cilantro, pineapple, shredded pepper jack and a flatbread or two (or get really crazy and make your own dough!). Grill up the chicken, shred and toss on your pie with the rest of your ingredients, top with a generous drizzle of your favorite BBQ sauce and after a quick 10 minutes over open flames, you’ve got a Hawaiian-inspired crowd-pleaser!


And it’s not a proper Memorial Day BBQ without watermelon – but we bet your guests have never had it like this! Grilling fruit brings out the sweetness, and with a little salt and shredded basil (just trust us), you get a sweet, savory, and smoky treat that no one will be expecting. Just don’t forget your gaan + co bug repellent, because nothing ruins a BBQ like those pesky mosquitos. Did you know our body refresh wipes also act as a cleanser to wipe BBQ sauce off those fingers & face? Rock on pit master!

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Connect with a Vet

 Across the country Memorial Day kicks off with thousands of local parades and celebrations. Children excitedly line the streets waving American flags and enjoying their first bomb pop of the season! While many veteran organizations sponsor the parades or donate patriotic floats, many veterans also attend as spectators as a way to dignify our country and those who were lost. So, head to the parade and look around! Introduce yourself to a veteran, and thank them for their service. Ask them to share a story - it was likely an unforgettable adventure. Watch the parade together, wave a flag and enjoy the music. It’s a way to make a very important national holiday that much more meaningful. And there’s no better adventure than making a new friend! Then head to that Memorial Day BBQ to kick your feet up, chow down and relish in the day.

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Adventures are endless this Memorial Day weekend! Don’t forget your gaan + co deo wipes to keep you feeling fresh.


- Written by Rachel Levy