Not Your Typical: Hold Off The End of Summer Scaries

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There’s a little chill in the air here and there, and many of us are looking around thinking that same dreaded question we face every year…”Where the heck did summer go?!?” Well folks, technically it’s still summertime until September 23rd, and we’re not ones for premature goodbyes. For many across the US, the summer heat lasts another 4-6 more weeks (even more down South) before our tank tops and sandals head into hibernation. Summer is a state of mind, and at gaan + co our favorite season isn’t over until we say it’s over. We’ve got some ideas to extend those sunshine feels and warm weather adventures for as long as possible, keeping the end of summer scaries at bay!

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Summer tends to bring less stress and a more relaxed pace compared to the rest of the year. We’re outside more, we take vacations, and we maximize our time doing the things we love. Practicing outdoor yoga is a great way to extend that feeling as the seasons start to change. If you’re a regular yogi, sometimes it’s as simple as asking your teacher or studio manager if they’d be open to holding a class or two in a local park or public gathering place. Many studios already opt for outdoor classes at local beaches or rooftop areas at sunrise or sunset to take advantage of the tranquil atmosphere and mild weather. And you always have the option to grab your mat and do a solo practice outdoors before starting your day! There are some true inherent benefits of practicing yoga outside to help you feel good, physically and mentally. One includes increased muscle strength and balance. When you don’t have a mirror to rely on, you’re more in tune to the natural shifts and needs of your body to balance, which aids in muscle strength stability. An outdoor practice also helps align your body & mind with nature – allowing that sweet summertime bliss to remain present as you move about your day.  

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Farmers Markets are one of the things we look forward to most about summer. The beautiful produce, the warm sun, the wild flowers and local purveyors. Nothing like taking a post workout stroll (body cleansing & personal use wipes in toe) through your local market on a summertime Sunday and grabbing everything you need for the week! Many outdoor Farmers Markets around the country extend well into September (and even October). And while it may require an extra layer of clothing and an iced coffee turned hot latte, you can continue to experience the best of summer. You’ll watch the peaches transition to apples, the leafy greens switch to kale and the tomatoes fade to gorgeous squashes and root vegetables that peak in the late summer and early fall months. It’s a great way to mix up your culinary adventures, shop locally and still experience those fresh air market vibes that you looked forward to all summer long!



Summer tends to fly by and your memory of it may be a blur with highlights from a fun vacation, music festival or holiday celebration – but frankly, so much more happened this summer! This idea may require a little time and intention, but it will be worth it. Block some time – alone, or with your family and friends and go through your pictures from the summer! Start in May and work your way through the months picking the best ones (and reminiscing of course). Compile them in one place and here is when you’re going to do the unthinkable…make a book to look back on the season! We love the options from mixbook because they make it beyond easy, affordable and the books are small enough to turn into a mini collection for each season. Taking a few minutes to scroll through your summer adventures is a great way to bond with friends, cherish the memories and savor all that you experienced in sweet summertime.

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May through August is prime time for beach vacations across the US, which also means you’ll spend a pretty penny to head to the shores and relax for even a few days. Summer holiday weekend pricing can have a premium on the pricing. So why not plan a beach getaway for September? Post-Labor Day weekend, the tourists draw away from coastal towns, and the beach towns suddenly feel far less crowded, even more beautiful and serene. Along the coasts and amongst the great lakes, the water is also typically the warmest during September, as it’s had the chance to heat up for several months. Your budget will stretch much further: Tripadvisor reports that the average beach trip in the US is 37% less expensive in September versus the month of August. That’s some serious savings with minimal sacrifice.


Summer is a state of mind, and it’s over when we say it’s over! Make sure you’ve stocked up on all things gaan + co while you take your time bidding farewell to the season that never lasts quite long enough!


- Written by Rachel Levy