March g+c Product Picks

Okay you little four leaf's our gaan Product Picks for March. Spring is upon us!

At gaan + co. we look for products that align with our values and are complimentary to any adventure. And, we love to support small, female-founded enterprises. We are not compensated for endorsing our product picks – but we sure do love ‘em!

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Alba Botanica All Natural Lip Balm with SPF 25 [$2.95]

Whether you plan to hit the slopes or your lips are just in need of a post-winter pick me up, we love this all natural lip balm with built in SPF 25.  It’s hypoallergenic, and combines aloe, cocoa butter and sunflower oil for a long-lasting application with a hint of shine. Smells awesome too! And at just under $3.00, you can keep one in every pocket!

lipgloss, alba

Clover Off-the-Shoulder Vintage Sweatshirt [$19.88, Etsy]

Feeling lucky? Maybe a hint of sassy? We love this Kelly Green vintage off-the-shoulder sweatshirt; the perfect look for your Patty’s day festivities, and it’s SO soft and comfy. Etsy has tons of fun options for Patty’s day apparel, but we love this classic look because it can take you from day, to night and even to bed if you feel so inclined! 

sweatshirt, lucky, St Patrick's Day, St Patty's

How to Grow Stuff, Easy, No-Stress Gardening for Beginners [$9.99, Kindle]

Whether you’ve got one window box or a sprawling meadow, Spring is a great time to get your hands dirty and plant some flowers, or herbs, or veggies (oh my!). We love this no-fuss, fun and simple guide to gardening for beginners by Alice Vincent. Because learning how to grow stuff is an adventure worth trying!

gardening, book, garden

Sunville Women’s Rain Boots [$19.99,]

Who says jumping in puddles isn’t allowed? We love these comfy, affordable rain boots that are the perfect staple for any Spring commute, dog walk or weekend stroll about town. Plus they come in 2 styles  (short & tall) and TEN different colors (we’re suckers for the classic Gray and Fuchsia). Please don’t judge…but we ordered two pairs. 

rainboot, boot, rain shoe

Pure Formulas Vitamin D3 Serum [$10.95]

Like many of us, you’ve been deprived of the sunshine and all it’s wonderful benefits for a few months now, haven’t you? We absolutely love the D3 Serum by Premier Research Lab. It’s an all-natural source of vitamin D3 that supports our cardiovascular and immune systems, and can also help with calcium absorption for strong bones and teeth. As a live-source D3 vitamin‚ this formula is absorbed by the body quickly, smells dreamy and it gives your skin a healthy glow!


Bouq’s Tulip Bouquet [starting @ $48.00, delivery nationwide]

Craving all that is Spring? Birds chirping, fresh florals, vibrant colors? Well don’t wait another minute! Bouq’s is featuring an array of gorgeous Tulip arrangements in the month of March, prime for the season so you can have a beautiful glimpse Spring delivered to your door in 24 hours or less!

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Written by Rachel Levy