February gaan'er of the month

Meet our February gaan'er of the month: Carrie Kramer! 
Where did I go? I went to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. 

What products did I use? All of them! I already had the DO wipes so knew I would bring those along for travel days and for excursions in the heat. However, when we were booking our trip, a lot of people warned me about the bugs. I am someone who generally gets eaten alive so knew I needed to order some of the bug repellent wipes immediately to bring along. When I received my order, I got a sample of the face wipes and loved that product as well. All three products are easy to use, light weight to pack and really do keep you fresh and clean!

How did gaan help with my adventure? It was so nice not having to bring a bunch of bulky bottles but still know I had all the products I needed. I made it through the entire vacation with only two bug bites - and that was because I forgot to bring a gaan wipe with me one of the days at the beach. 

We are headed off to Park City in a few weeks so will be bringing the DO and face wipes with as we all know a day on the mountains can get a bit sweaty!!

About Carrie: If you want to see more of Carrie's travel and get helpful cooking tips, follow her on https://www.instagram.com/carriecookingandchicago/
She's the best & her cooking is delish!!
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