Fast Facts: November

If you’re traveling this month, you’re not alone. In fact, you’re very much in good company. The second-busiest travel day of the year will be Wednesday, November 27th, with 2.93 million people flying to reach their Thanksgiving Day destination. And the busiest travel day award goes to Sunday, December 1st, with an estimated 3.06 million people trying to get home.


This means airport waiting areas, bathrooms, lounges (okay basically every surface in the place) are experiencing peak traffic, and peak germs. Not to mention the unavoidable delays caused by increased flight counts, weather and those mystery “mechanical issues” that pop up last minute. The busiest travel time of year calls for our body cleansing & personal use wipes. They’re multi-functional, and a must have. Use them as hand-sanitizer to fend off powerful germs lurking in airports, taxis, trains, planes and everywhere in between. You’ll also arrive at your destination smelling and feeling fresh, and no one will know of the horrific 4.5 hour delay on the tarmac in Newark (cue the W&P Carry On Cocktail Kit in Hot Toddy immediately).  Don’t risk going home for the holidays without your ultimate travel partner, gaan + co.

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Written by Rachel Levy