Fast Fact of the Month: May

MAY I have a glass of water?

The temperatures & daylight hours are on the rise and if you’re anything like us, so are your activity levels. With that comes one super important factor that’s often overlooked: WATER INTAKE!


That’s right people, good old H2O. We won’t lecture you on how much is recommended per day (64 oz.), or how much of our bodies are comprised of and depend on water (60%). Instead, let’s flood you with some fast facts worth soaking in! (We sure love a good pun over here.)

  • Water helps maximize physical & mental performance and has major effects on energy levels and brain function.
  • Water is a natural reliever of headaches, constipation, swelling, sore muscles, and hangovers.
  • Drinking water helps regulate your body temperature, flushes out toxins, improves your complexion, helps keep your nails, hair, and even prevents bad breath.
  • Water is basically the BFF you never knew you had and you best not forget it.


You can thank us when the compliments about how fresh your complexion looks start rolling in. Drink up!

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- Written by Rachel Levy