Fast Fact of the Month: June


The mosquito. That’s right. Were you expecting the Great White Shark, Grizzly Bear, Rattlesnake? Nah, they’ve got nothing on the blood-sucking insects that swarm our yards, parks and beaches all season long. And globally, many endure longer, harsher mosquito seasons, so we consider ourselves lucky in North America. The itchy and painful bites can ruin a trip, a special event, or a backyard barbecue, but they are extremely secondary to the severe harm mosquito’s cause.


They are known as ‘vectors” for several dangerous diseases such as Malaria, Zika and Dengue. Both here in the US and around the world, if these diseases go undetected, or untreated, they can result in birth defects, hospitalization and sadly, death. Scientists believe mosquitoes are responsible for approximately 1 million deaths per year around the world, primarily attributed to the spread of Malaria in countries with limited access to treatment. So no matter where you live, or where your travels take you – Mosquito protection is critical in your enjoyment, and safety. Apply all-natural mosquito repellent wipes all season long – they are safe for all members of your family, even children.


Written by Rachel Levy