Fast Fact of the Month: July


It’s a common misconception that germs are most prominent in the winter during flu and cold season. In fact, when it’s hot and humid, we spread up to 1000x more germs on our hands versus when the air is dry and cold, and humidity-loving bacteria can survive on your hands for up to three hours without proper washing or sanitizing. Don’t even get us started on that smartphone –it might as well be a public toilet seat!


But let’s be honest, when you’re out at a bbq, street festival or sporting event, excusing yourself for a proper hand-wash isn’t always top-of-mind. Fortunately, you can chow-down germ-free with one of our body cleansing & personal use wipes. They kill up to 99% of bacteria on hands and are just as effective as hand sanitizer. Definitely throw a few extra in your pocket because they double as clean up after that huge slab of ribs. And guess what? You still have bbq sauce on your face…


- Written by Rachel Levy