December g+c Product Picks

Here’s our handpicked list of stocking stuffers and holiday gifts that your whole crew will love this year! Just make sure to save some room for gaan + co under the tree for your fellow adventurists.


Palm Tree Garden Jar [$15.00, Modern Sprout]

Whether you made it down to Miami or were surrounded by snow this month, you deserve all the palm trees! This self-watering indoor Palm Tree Garden Jar is absolutely ingenious and brings the tropics to you smack in the middle of winter. Afterall, it’s made in Chicago, so when we say winter, we mean business! Your Palm will grow in a pint-sized metallic coral finished Mason jar (hello décor goals). Oh, and we mentioned it’s self-watering, right? The jar is designed with a tiny hydroponic system that delivers water and nutrients up to the plant roots. Forget to water? Pour a little too much? No sweat – you can’t screw it up! Perfect for the person who insists they can’t keep a houseplant alive...because in fact, they can! This year-round indoor planter comes equipped with everything you’ll need to start growing, just add water and set in a sunny window.

Palm, Tree     palm, palm tree

Pocket-sized Bicycle Repair Kit [$14.99, Little Obsessed]

For anyone in your circle who favors a two-wheel mode of exercise or transportation, we have the mecca of stocking stuffers for bike enthusiasts. That disconcerting "pop!" of a tire, snap of a chain, or stall of a gear can derail an entire day if you’re not prepared. This handsome compact repair kit comes with everything needed to fix all your biking problems on the go, including a six-headed wrench set, patch repair kit, two metal tire levelers, glue, and more. Toss it in your bag whenever you head out (or better yet, store it in a small zip pocket under your bike seat) and you'll be ready for anything. Next time the sound of that dreaded “pop” brings you to a screeching halt, whip out the metal tire levers and patch kit, and get rolling along again in no time.

bike repair, bicycle


Travel Bag Catch-All [free with every g+c purchase!]

Every wonder what to do with all those electronic cords, your passport, gaan+co wipes, chapstick, headphones, watch and spare change when traveling? Fear no more with gaan+co's mesh zipper reuseable catch all. Perfect for stashing that pack of gum & rolled charger into your carry-on without the hassle of the cords getting into one big mess. Every product purchased on our site (even the workout tank!) comes with a bag - perfect for the gift that keeps on giving. 

reusable bag, zipper pouch, mesh

Would You Rather Card Game [ $10, Wild & Wolf]

Wild & Wolf have a thing for quirky games, and this set of 2,500 mix & match dilemmas just took this age-old conundrum of "would you rather..." up a notch. Perfect for that long car ride on Christmas morning to your aunt's house or conversation kick off among friends at the annual Ugly Sweater Party, this will be sure to keep you entertained with questions like "Would you rather.. feel like you are sitting on pins every time you sit down OR have everything you touch catch on fire." 

would you rather, card game

Avocado Huggers [$7.95 for 2, Uncommon Goods]

For all the avocado-fanatics out there, we’ve got a game changer for you. We all hesitate to cut into our favorite super fruit unless we intend to use the whole thing…until now. Have a quarter in your smoothie, a slice or two with your eggs…a little avocado goes a long way to fuel your body. Cue these adorable, reusable avocado huggers to preserve the rest so it stays fresh until you’re ready for more. Plus, they replace any plastic wrap or single-use storage bags (bonus points for Mother Earth!) and are dishwasher safe and made of BPA- and phthalate-free silicone. The convenient pit pocket can be pushed in or out for the tightest possible seal. So, cut the food waste, forget the throwaway food storage, and hug an avocado this holiday season!

avocado, saver, green living

*At gaan + co. we look for products that align with our values - brands that are environmentally conscious, sustainable, fun and complimentary to any adventure. And, we love to support small, female-founded enterprises. We are not compensated for endorsing our product picks – but we sure do love ‘em!


- Written by Rachel Levy