August g+c Product Picks

Check out some of our favorite products to help you beat the heat and spice it up, all at the same time this August!


Que Collapsible Water Bottle [starting at $19.95,]

Que has mastered the art of H20-on-the-go. They make the perfect travel bottle for your everyday adventures. The Que bottle comes in two sizes (12 or 24 oz.) and is fully collapsible, lightweight, and comes in colors to match every palette. It’s BPA-Free & Plastic-Free, dishwasher safe, leak-proof, shockproof and best of all, it’s a brand that gives back. 10% of proceeds are donated to The Rainforest Trust. That means that every bottle purchased will help acquire and protect 1 acre of land in the Peruvian Amazon forest. Fill ‘er up!

 que, water bottle

Frogg Todd’s Chily Pad [$12.99,]

These towels are magic. It’s that simple. These colorful, lightweight towels are made from hyper-evaporative material that retains water while remaining dry to the touch. You wet them with cold water, squeeze them out and they stay chilly for hours, keeping you cool amidst any music festival, outdoor workout or summer activity. Check them out before we buy them all.


High Brew Coffee [$10.00 for a four pack,]

We love local, and Austin-made High Brew Coffee is no exception. This batch-made, gourmet cold brew is simple, yet strong a spin off from beverage maven David Smith, the co-founder of another Austin favorite, Sweet Leah Tea. They have awesome flavors including Mexican Vanilla, Salted Caramel, and Double Espresso, making High Brew one of the most versatile cold brew suppliers currently in the market. High Brew has ultimately perfected the cold brew and it’s the perfect kick-start to a summer day.

 high brew, coffee, iced coffee 

Brush On Block [$32.00,]

Applying sunscreen is no one’s favorite activity, and carrying a huge spray screen, or slathering thick cream on throughout the day is less than convenient. That’s why we love Brush On Block. Brush on Block is a powder form, translucent, mineral-based SPF 30 sunscreen. It's portable, goes on quickly, and is safe for sensitive skin. It’s for men, women and children and won’t affect your regular skin tone (aka, it’s NOT makeup!). It’s sweat and water resistant for up to 80 minutes and its paraben, PABA and phthalate free, and is not tested on animals. We love a good pocket-sized necessity! This sunscreen checks all the boxes.

 SPF, brush, make-up

Yellowbird Sauce [starting at $8.00,]

Spice up your grill game before summer’s over with any of the 100% Organic, no–added–sugar line of spicy condiments from Austin-made Yellowbird. These sauces are made with love, are paleo, vegan and keto certified and non-GMO. They pack a serious punch and will take chicken, burgers, tacos, grilled veggies – even sushi, to the next level. Yellowbird isn’t purely a “hot sauce”, as the craft-made batches focus on bringing out the flavor of the different peppers, not just the heat. And stock up for colder months while you’re at this – this stuff is slow-cooker perfection. PSA: The gaan+co team has a minimum of four bottles of Yellowbird in the fridge at all times - this sauce is the best!!

hot sauce, spicy 

Matador Pocket Blanket [$29.99,]

Everyone needs a place to rest amidst a day of adventure, and we adore the Matador Pocket Blanket for that very reason. This water repellent puncture resistant blanket fits in your pocket, and makes for a dry, clean place to sit – anywhere, anytime. It’s ideal for hiking, parks, beaches, festivals, and picnics. When you’re done, you can fold it up in a few seconds and move on. Plus, for every Ocean Pocket Blanket sold, Matador removes 1 lb. of trash from US waterways. So you can feel good about taking a seat!


Tile Mate [$18.00, Amazon]

There’s nothing worse than losing your possessions amidst a music festival crowd, or any crowd for that matter. Attach a Tile Mate to a key ring, the back of your phone, or even the inside of your wallet as an added security measure if you lose them during the day. You can set the Tile Mate ring when it’s nearby, which is always helpful in crowds, the Tile app also doubles as the world’s largest lost and found community in case your belongings have wandered off or were left behind.

 tile, key holder

*At gaan + co. we look for products that align with our values - brands that are environmentally conscious, sustainable, fun and complimentary to any adventure. And, we love to support small, female-founded enterprises. We are not compensated for endorsing our product picks – but we sure do love ‘em!


- Written by Rachel Levy