April gaan'er of the month

Meet our April gaan'er of the month: Jenny Finkel! 

Where did I go?  I led a yoga retreat on Isla Mujeres, a tiny island off the east coast of Mexico.  I set my retreaters up with a goody bag filled with things that will be useful on our trip, and this year I included an assortment of all three gaan wipes:  Deodorizing, Makeup Remover, and Mosquito Repellent!  I hand out as many swag bags as I can before we leave so that I have fewer to travel with myself.  By the time we all met up in Mexico, several people told me they had already broken into their gaan stash and ordered more...before we even left Chicago!!
yoga, mexico, retreat
What product did you use?  All of them!!  The deodorizing wipes are the perfect all-purpose wipes and were amazing to have especially on travel days, after sitting around in airplanes, ferries, and vans.  It's amazing how dirty you can feel from just sitting around in confined spaces.  The makeup wipes are great for a midday face refresh to get that funky layer of sweat and sunscreen off.  And the mosquito wipes were so handy when the bugs made their way into the yoga shala--I could pause mid-session and reapply without sending obnoxious sprays through the breeze into other yogis' eyes and mats. 
How did gaan help with your adventure? I used my gaan wipes every single day of the retreat, but they were very much a lifesaver when we went on our day trip to the ancient Mayan ruins of Ek Balam.  We had a long drive to get there and back, and we spent our time there hiking the incredible ruins and swimming in a cenote [see pic below!].  The deodorizing wipes were an absolute must during all the travel and adventuring.  But my favorite memory of gaan wipes that day was when my friend Megan and I shared one of the Makeup Remover wipes in the bathroom of the restaurant when we stopped for lunch to clean up our under-eye mascara smears.  The wipes are ample enough that we could each take a side and get the job done!
mexico, cenote
About Jenny: Jenny leads amazing and beautiful yoga retreats all over, while also finding time to teach insightful, strengthening and funny yoga classes at The Space Between and Studio Three (both in Chicago). Jenny finds the love and adventure in her everyday and can frequently be found in a handstand. Follow Jenny's adventures on Instagram @jennyfinkelyoga
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