A Warm Welcome to the Wedding Season!

Wedding Season is officially in full swing! Whether you’re getting married, standing up in a wedding or cutting up the dance floor as a guest, gaan+co is the ultimate wedding accessory. Make sure you, and everyone you love is feeling fresh and prepared for the impending adventures in holy matrimony.


If you’re getting married or know someone who is, chances are your summer is packed with pre-nuptial celebrations. Our body cleansing & personal use wipes, all-natural mosquito repellent wipes, and make-up remover & face cleansing wipes make the perfect favors at any bachelor or bachelorette festivities. If you’re traveling for a bride-tribe bash, you and your entire group can avoid the time-sucking drug-store pit stops by having gaan+co on hand. Include a variety of gaan+co wipes in a cute welcome bag along with other pocket-sized necessities like lip balm, gum, ibuprofen and a weekend itinerary – now you’re organized and well-prepared for a hassle-free weekend of fun!

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Everyone will be thanking you when the temp spikes to 93 degrees with 90% humidity, and there’s no time to shower between the boat and the bar.

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Guys, bring along a stack of our all-natural mosquito repellent wipes as you head out on the golf cart, because nothing ruins an afternoon of bonding and beers on the golf course like a swarm of mosquitos in the summer heat. 

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If you’re throwing or attending an engagement party, wedding shower or outdoor bridal luncheon, our body cleansing & personal use wipes are the perfect way to elevate the powder room experience. Everyone can quickly freshen up and get back to their seats before the champagne toasts begin! Even if the celebrations are indoors, every bride & groom-to-be can’t help but break into a sweat as they open gifts in front of a casual crowd of 45 people (aka strangers and parent’s second cousins). While the setting might feel a bit uncomfortable, our body cleansing wipes will help you beat the heat.

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And let’s be real. Brides, we’re talking to you (or in some cases, we’re talking to all you ultimate bridesmaids and wedding planners out there who are responsible for remembering every last detail). How many months, weeks, days, and hours have you been awaiting this special day? Maybe you’re having a rooftop ceremony, or taking your wedding photos in the scenic rose garden behind your venue. Maybe your day is unfolding in a beautiful tent near the lake where you grew up. Whatever your wedding entails, one thing is for sure…this is NOT the time to be unprepared. You’ve got your needle & thread, heel protectors, extra contacts, tissues, and bobby pins on stand-by. Don’t forget that smelling and feeling fresh, as well as mosquito-free, is equally essential in making sure nothing ruins your walk down the aisle. Our wipes are an easy, compact addition to your wedding-day survival kit, and while they’re small, they pack some serious punch. You’ll reap the benefits, and your mother-in-law will be utmost appreciative when you offer her one before her swing dancing debut with your recently appointed spouse (sigh). Everyone wins!


So practice your vows, and RSVP “YES” to gaan+co this wedding season.

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- Written by Rachel Levy