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travel machu picchu deodorant mosquito repellent



This wipe kept me smelling fresh ALL. DAY. LONG.  I would completely recommend these wipes for travel, post-workout, mid-day freshen up and even as a deodorant replacement - they worked that well.

Natalie S

Bought these online a few weeks back and they are perfect for on the go!! ...must have in the travel bag.

Kevin H

They fit neatly in bags / wallets / pocket / fannypacks (Festival-ready!!). The smell is light but lovely and I love that they are all natural. Will definitely be ordering more!

Daryn S

[The bug repellent] was super easy to apply and didn’t go on greasily or smell. I received zero bites and had no bugs around me. If I wanted to be corny, I’d say the bugs were all gaan. Honestly, as someone who literally gets eaten alive, this is one of the best products.

Danny C

I’ve been using the wipes for the past week and wouldn’t think of starting my walk without one in my pocket. They are easy to carry, easy to open, are natural and have a great minty scent. The product, which wipes on smoothly and generously, may seem a bit oily at first, but dries quickly. Bottom line - they work! Great to have on hand when gardening too.

Claire C

I had little faith that anything natural would work for me, but I am hooked on these amazing wipes. Such a welcome surprise! And such a lovely sent that gets absorbed by my skin, so no need to shower.


I love these little packets. They are my new favorite bon voyage gifts for friends. When arriving at my destination it is nice not having to run out first thing and buy expensive mosquito repellent. The deodorant wipes are super handy too. Mine arrived in a nice little reusable zippered plastic bag.

M Dean